Pictures, February 2011

This is the right side of the robot.
Here is the front of the robot. The Box at the base is the motor amplifier. Note the 3 cameras. The middle camera is intended for navigation. The left and right camera pointing down are intended for object avoidance.
This is the left side, the sliver box mounted on the right side of the panel is an ATX DC/DC converter. The two black boxes to the left that seem to be mounted with double-sided tape (because they are) are two DC/DC converters, a 12volt and 5volt. They replace two older units.
This is the back, note the single camera. This is intended for navigation and object avoidance when backing up.
Here is another front view, the two push buttons on the right side are standard AXT power and reset. The two LEDs are hard disk and power
Here is a closeup of the system tray. The board on the left is an Intel D510M0 Atom Motherboard. The board to the right is a Velleman K8055 USB I/O Card.