Big Robot or Little Robot?

I am working on a "design guide" on how to build your own Linux PC Robot and I think something needs to be stated up front. This is not a "small robot." I have nothing against small robots like Lego NXT and Roombas, they are cool.

The Linux PC Robot (LPCR) is basically a "big robot," and as such it intended to be a platform for performing robotic tasks. It is more "industrial," conceptually, and as such it is designed to carry devices and equipment that weigh a few pounds. When I bring it to presentations, it carries my computer bag, laptop, power-strip, wireless router, cables and all. Because of the size, some things are harder and this is intentional. Building a robot that can perform physical work, at least to me, seems more challenging and rewarding.

Bigger or smaller, robots are fun. LPCR is not designed to be a kit to be reproduced. It is a prototype to put concepts to test and be an example of how you too can create a robot from commonly available parts.